Lil’ Ledy Steps Out with New Offerings

Press Oct, 2013

Manu’s contemporary women’s lifestyle brand Lil’ Ledy is continuing to blossom and bloom with new floral collections targeting young women. These collections, which feature flower motifs and sophisticated color palettes, are well-suited for a wide variety of products for women including fashion, home décor, gift items, premium stationery and cosmetics. The graphics are accompanied by the inspiring words, “Bloom in your own time” and “Blossom and open up to the wonders of life.”

Manu is also presenting a second Lil’ Ledy picture book called Dreamcatcher. Like the first book, Grow Positive Thoughts, which launched earlier this year, Dreamcatcher further expands the brand’s storytelling potential and delivers an empowering message for young women. Manu is seeking publishing partners to support the books.

Elsewhere in the publishing space, Lil’ Ledy is extending into greeting cards and coloring pages for adults. The greeting cards cover many occasions from holidays to birthdays to encouragement and other big and small moments in life. They come in different shapes and concepts and with characters from existing collections and special editions. The coloring pages feature black and white line art in the brand’s sophisticated yet cute style with many intricate details. Created by designer Antonija Majstorovic with the help of friend and business partner Sonja Stahor, Lil’ Ledy merges the aesthetics of Japan and Sweden.


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