Lil’ Ledy brand and storytelling expansion through figurines Journal Aug, 2018


We decided to take the Lil’ Ledy project to a new level by bringing our own gift products to the market, starting with figurines.

We strongly believe in quality and storytelling in everything we do. Those are the 2 key rules we go by when creating our Lil’ Ledy products. They need to tell a story, transmit a feeling and evoke emotions. The act of giving is never about the product, it’s about how it makes you feel, from the moment you start unwrapping it to the smile on your face when holding it.

Lil’ Ledy messaging figurines are not a mere decorative product, they tell a story. You chose a figurine by the inspiring message it carries (printed on the wooden backside) and you can write your own on the bottom of the figurine, making it really special – for her eyes only. The figurine comes in a beautifully designed gift box. Pick – Write – Give. Those are the 3 steps of making it really special. Carefully picking the right message and figurine, personalizing it with your own words and giving it beautifully wrapped up.

The Lil’ Ledy figurines remind us of how beautiful and strong we are. We all need that from time to time. Support, push, inspire, celebrate, admire or a simple “Thank you” 😀 – just to name a few moments when to show up with a Lil’ Ledy figurine.

Our award winning design team creates each product from scratch. We innovate and challenge existing products on the market, always looking for new materials and solutions. All products are designed and produced in Europe from high quality materials with special attention to details.

The Lil’ Ledy figurine is produced from carefully sourced wood and high quality acrylic.  The packaging isn’t just beautifully designed, it unveils the message behind the figurine layer by layer.

Each figurine comes with a cotton pouch, so you can take it safely with you on your journey

Figurines come in 3 sizes and 5 collections. New collections will be added on a regular basis.

Lil’ Ledy products are all about innovative design and quality materials with a sprinkle of magical storytelling at an affordable price.

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